Plitvice are considered to be one of the most beautiful European natural resources. The turquoise colour of these 16 lakes comes from the deposits of calcium carbonate, while thick woods and the intact nature show elements of virgin forests. The park is the habitat of various kinds of birds and small game, as well as deer, bears, wolves, boars, wild cats, and in the crystal clear water of these lakes you will see trouts. Miles long visitor paths are connected with wooden bridges, and the visitors can also use small tourist trains. On the biggest Kozjak lake, you can take a tour on an electrical boat connecting the upper and the lower lakes (gornja i donja jezera). Take a walk in this heaven on earth during any season, each of them is magical in its own way. The doors to the National park are open for visitors till 7 PM during spring and autumn and till 8 PM during the summer. We organize transfer to the Plitvice lakes and back with a shuttle bus during summer saison.